Diet Plan for Weight Lose

Diet plan and weight lose is being highly searched in internet now a days. Diet plan means a balance diet according to the need of the body of Human. It varies from person to person according to their medical health condition that how much calories they need in a day. Diet plan can not be the same for every person. We should decide our diet with the help of nutritionist as per our body need. Many people especially women thinks that dieting means to skip food or being hungry is a good and effective way to lose our weight but actually dieting creates stress and it activates the stress hormones which convert the water of body into fats.

If any body wants to lose his or her weight then they have to understand the system of human body. For example what type of nutrition we need to maintain a healthy life? what is exercise and workout? What are proteins, Energy, Vitamins, Minerals, carbohydrates etc.   Without knowing these elements we can not understand the real phenomenon and engineering behind weight lose. Our body is a complex machine that need sources of energy to maintain and perform such an activities. Whenever we eat more than what we want then extra calories stored in our body in the form of fats. The same rule is applied when we eat less calories. If we eat low calories diet then the stored fats of body converted into calories. The general thumb rule of calories requirement is that the under weight needs more than 2000 calories per day, normal weight needs 1500 calories per day and the over weight needs about 1000 calories per day. Before internet most of us does not know about the exact figure of nutrient contents of food items but after introduction of Google and other search engines now we are able to find out the calories of our required food. Here is the list of food with their sources:

Protein:- Beef, Mutton, Pork, Chicken, Fish, Some beans are good sources of Protein. We need protein for the building of our muscles.

Energy:- Oils, Fruits, Some cereals like wheat, corn, Barley are good sources of Energy. We need energy for our daily physical activities.

Vitamins and Mineral:- Sources are Green vegetables and fruits. Vitamins are necessary for our skin, eyes, bones and aging.


As I already said that the diet plan varies according to the body condition but here I am giving you a general diet plan for the weight lose. But one thing we should keep in our mind that exercise and workouts are also very essential along with diet. Your body tells about your food habit and physical activities.

Breakfast:- When you wake up the first drink one glass of warm water and after 15 minutes try to do some yoga or exercise for at least 40 minutes. Then try to eat some raw fruits like An apple and Banana and one handful of dry fruits which may include almonds, Figs, Walnut etc. One boiled egg. Try to add fiber in your breakfast. Then you may take your tea or coffee after 20 minutes.

Brunch:- In brunch you may take one vegetable sandwitch or salad with cup of green tea. It is necessary to eat little and low meal after every two hours in order to create food thermal effect in your body to stimulates your metabolic rate.

Lunch:- You should have one bran bread with chicken curry or other vegetable curry whatever you want to eat with bran breed and take one cup of black coffee.

Evening Snacks:- You may take one cup of coffee or one cup of tea with sugar free biscuits. Note that if you want to lose your weight and you are serious about this then you should leave refined sugar. You may add some natural sweetener for your taste.

Dinner:- You should have your dinner on around 8 o Clock. You can eat half plate of boiled rice. If you can afford bran rice then this is very much helpful for your weight lose. Eat rice with pulses.

This is a simple diet plan by which you can easily lose your weight. Always increase your metabolic rate by taking green tea or black coffee. Try to do exercise twice a day and eat low caloric diet as I have suggested to you in this article. Fruits may be consumed in large quantity because the natural sugar of fruit does not harm you and it will increase your immune system. I again suggest you all that if you are serious and want to lose your weight then do study on this topic and understand the inner machinery of human body. Eat healthy stay healthy. Extra weight of your body will lead you towards many metabolic disorders and diseases.

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