20 foods increase male potency sex drive Aphrodisiac Foods

20 foods increase male potency sex drive aphrodisiac foods. Potency increases with the help of certain foods which give special element that increase male potency and sex drive. Libido and testosterone boost foods.  we all in all need it stimulating, every so often wild and by far most of all, something that bears longer. Disastrously, stress and standard errands have influenced our sexual needs the most, causing various issues, one of which is erectile brokenness. In addition, trust it, men can’t go sensitive when it is connected to satisfying your associate! 20 foods increase male potency sex drive aphrodisiac foods.

20 foods increase male potency sex drive Aphrodisiac Foods

How it Works?

Nature creates everything for a special purpose. What we eat is our choice but there are many foods which helps us to increase male potency sex drive . here we will show you about the special foods. These foods are available all over the world. You can find these foods in your kitchen. It may find these foods in local market. We may surprisetounderstand that there are certain substances that help you in getting a progressively drawn out and more grounded erection. We have referenced a once-over of explicit substances that help in keeping up erection for a progressively drawn out range!

20 foods increase male potency sex drive

1. Banana

20 foods increase male potency sex drive Aphrodisiac Foods

Bananas are the great sources of potassium and other element that increase libido. To increase the sex drive and sperms reproduction. The shape of banana also tells us about the importance of this food. It is available all over the world and also in local market. Bananas has an enzyme that creates more sperms. Two bananas in a day may increase the sex drive and male potency.

2. Dark Chocolate

20 foods increase male potency sex drive Aphrodisiac Foods

Dark Chocolate increase sperms, libido and testosterone. This product is very much special for both male and female. It comes from coca beans which are full of antioxidants. Dark chocolate is good source for anti aging and anti cancer agent. Dark chocolate also contains amino acid called L-Arginine that is good for male and female sperm density and quantity. It creates mood and the gift of chocolate to your partner will increase the chance of sex with full happiness.

3. Watermelon

Aphrodisiac Foods

Watermelon is good source of such enzymes and amino acids which are the great source of production of sperms. It has quality of blood circulation. The blood flow to the penis and vagina increase the male and female potency. It also create the chance of mood. Watermelon has 98% water content. It stimulate blood flow and increase libido. It is super food in terms of sex.

4. Strawberries and raspberries

Aphrodisiac Foods

These types of foods are good source of zinc. Zinc is a sex mineral it produce high amount of sperm in both male and female. Higher level of zinc create sex mood in women. If men has sufficient amount of zinc then his testosterone level will start the producing sperm. It is very much important for both male and female to take the sufficient amount of zinc for the better sexual life. Strawberries, raspberries and other berries are rich source of zinc so it should be consume at least once in a week.

5. Eggs

20 foods increase male potency sex drive Aphrodisiac Foods

Eggs is full of all nutrients we need. It has almost all the important vitamins and minerals for the production of sperm. It also increase the density of sperm count. Egg is rich in amino acids which help the male and female to start sex. It has aphrodisiac quality. It is suggested that one eggs eat daily will give to good health and your sexual life will become healthier.

6. Garlic

sex drive Aphrodisiac Foods

It has anti aging quality. Garlic fights against the dangerous disease like cancer. It is a herb which is present in all the kitchen but no body knows its importance regarding sexual potency. it increases the blood flow in whole body. blood circulation gives boosts to increase of sexual performance. It is very much important to consume garlic in moderate amount. Garlic is also very good for digestion. if digestion is perfect then the sex performance will increase. We can eat garlic in raw form or can mix with other foods like vegetables.

7. Ginger

20 foods increase male potency sex drive aphrodisiac foods

Ginger is a powerful herb. It is uses from old civilization. Chinese uses it for the medical use. It has a lot of health benefits regarding sexual power. Ginger is good for your heart. Foods those are good for cardio are also beneficial for sexual power and potency. Male potency and sex drive will increase with the help of eating ginger. It increase blood circulation and send blood to penis and vagina.

8. Pomegranate

20 foods increase male potency

Pomegranate is rich source of vitamins and minerals. It increase the production of sperms. Pomegranate has top aphrodisiac effect. It increase blood flow in entire body. High sex drive and potency need good amount of blood flow in the sexual organs. Pomegranate increase libido, testosterone and other sexual hormones in both male and female. It has sweet taste and it creates mood. Juice of pomegranate is very much tasty.

9. Green Tea

20 foods increase male potency

Green tea is stimulate the blood flow in the entire body. It is acts as anti aging and antioxidants. It is very good for sex drive. Two cups of green tea in a day is the recommendation for both male and female. So if you want good healthy sexual life then use it regularly.

10. Oats

20 foods increase male potency sex drive aphrodisiac foods

Oats are best for sex drive and it has super aphrodisiac effect in male. The sexual potency of male and female. All the hormones related to the sex needs food like oats. Oats alone is best but when it mix with nuts then its efficacy increases in terms of sex drive. It trigger the production of sperms and ova. The density and counts of sperms relate with these super foods.


11. Honey

20 foods increase male potency sex drive aphrodisiac foods

Honey is perfect aphrodisiac product. Wealthy in B nutrients, nectar helps testosterone levels in the blood – the hormone in charge of advancing sex drive and climax in the two people. It likewise contains boron, a follow mineral that enables the body to utilize and use estrogen, the female sex hormone, which is significant for female want.

12. Pine Nuts

20 foods increase male potency sex drive aphrodisiac foods

Nuts can help support your sexual drive. Numerous sorts of nuts are high in L-arginine, which expands blood course and assists with sexual issues, for example, erectile brokenness. Almonds are wealthy in a fundamental fat that assists with hormone generation and has been related with longer and more grounded erections. Pine nuts, which are in fact seeds, are wealthy in protein and zinc and have been utilized for a long time to animate the drive.

13. Avocados

male potency sex drive aphrodisiac foods

Avocado is rich source of proteins the amino acids which are responsible for the production of sperm in both male and female. It double the counts of sperms. Avocado stimulate and increase the level of libido and testosterone including the sexual hormones. It creates mood for intercourse too. Daily use of avocado increase the power of male potency and regulate female sex hormones.

14. Cherries

20 foods increase male potency sex drive aphrodisiac foods

At its center, the potassium in fruits can help produce hormones that are sexual in nature. They are a natural product that is stacked with cancer prevention agents, which are not connected to cherish making, yet convey supplements that advance positive conduct in mind-set. Some contend that they likewise support more continuance, which is clearly essential to the procedure of intercourse. The principle reason, in any case, is that fruits are thought to instigate pheromone generation. Pheromones trigger reactions from another gathering, routinely bringing about more intrigue and an ability to mate. In more straightforward terms, they light fascination.

15. Coffee

increase male potency sex drive aphrodisiac foods

For espresso sweethearts, even only the fragrance of a crisply fermented mug of espresso would already be able to liven them up. Research likewise shows that the smell of espresso can decrease your feelings of anxiety and improve your temperament. When you’re focused on, it can hose your mind-set for sex. Truth be told, stress is a known charisma executioner. To counter the impacts of pressure, you can basically go to your preferred bistro or blend your very own cup of joe.

16. Salmon

20 foods increase male potency sex drive aphrodisiac foods

Salmon is rich source of zinc. The amino acids relate to all elements which regulate the blood flow to penis. It increase sperm production and the volume of sperm.

17. Wine

aphrodisiac foods

Wine also good for increasing the blood circulation which is main cause of sexual potency. It send blood to the organs like penis and vagina. one glass for woman and two glass for man is the recommandation for the increase of sexual power. The mood of intercourse will increase and chances of good sexual relation will increase by using of wine.

18. Spinach

20 foods increase male potency sex drive aphrodisiac foods

Spinach broadly made Popeye’s arms indulgently greater, however with its overall blood-stream boosting characteristics, it could likewise make your … indeed, you get the thought. Wealthy in magnesium, spinach diminishes irritation in veins, which means expanded blood stream to your limits and expanded excitement – much similarly Viagra works. This verdant drive trigger is additionally wealthy in folate, a nutrient that gives more seasoned men’s under districts another rent of life.

19. Pumpkin Seeds

20 foods increase male potency sex drive aphrodisiac foods

pumpkin seeds are especially wealthy in zinc and control the soundness of the male prostate organ. Furthermore, don’t think little of the intensity of zinc with regards to a lady’s sex drive. One investigation found that pumpkin seeds are an extraordinary drive supporter. Pumpkin seeds are wealthy in omega-3 fundamental unsaturated fats, which go about as an antecedent of prostaglandins – hormone like substances significant for sexual wellbeing.

20. Walnuts

20 foods increase male potency sex drive aphrodisiac foods

Walnuts are a decent wellspring of omega-3 unsaturated fats, known to support the cerebrum’s “pleasure substance,” dopamine, and arginine, the amino corrosive that builds the generation of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the synthetic compound important to erections – it opens up the veins to build blood stream.

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