Benefits of therapeutic Yoga

Benefits of therapeutic yoga,  Therapeutic yoga advantages and benefits of meditation and therapeutic yoga. Therapeutic yoga is a new name but an old concept. Known to the yoga masters for centuries, it is an all inclusive therapy. Breath controls physical movements and manipulative techniques, meditation and relaxation. The harnesses the body’s natural healing powers. It is helping to boost your all round well being and to promote a speedier recovery when you do fall ill.

therapeutic Yoga Massage


In this blog you can find devoted to a healthy living routine. We aim at keeping you in optimum health. This consists of advice on your everyday diet. how to massage yourself or a partner, breathing exercise? Yoga poses that are suitable for regular practice, plus relaxation techniques. If you are able to incorporate this program into your daily life. You will reap great rewards. It including better health, more energy, improved concentration, less stress and a calmer state of mind.

Therapeutic Yoga

We do not however live in a ideal world. Even if we practice yoga every day. Our innate healing powers become weak and the stressful environments we will in. Here you will find recommendations for adapting your diet to treat each condition special massage techniques. That improve blood flow and help relieve discomfort and a specially gives devise sequence of yoga postures, or asanas for each different ailnment, each posture have healing powers.

therapeutic Yoga

Do Repetitions to adjust your body to those movement. But over time, the aim is to stay in the posture a little longer, and eventually you may need to repeat it just once but hold it for longer (12 breaths). This will make it easy to follow to bring about the desired therapeutic effect.

Each aspect of therapeutic yoga, diet, massage, the yoga postures, breath control and meditation has specific benefits and is an important therapy in itself, but together they form a very powerful healing tool as follow:

A Healthy Diet

According to yogic wisdom, nutritious eating is as important as regularly performing the asanas. A balanced diet will provide all the nutrients you need not only to keep physically fit but also to stay mentally sharp and in excellent health. The key to dietary well being is variety and moderation. There is a huge range of fresh ingredients to choose from which will help to support your physical and spiritual development. Certain foods however, have deleterious effects on the digestive system. Our dietary advice therefore focuses mainly on foods to avoid. Some foods are particularly harmful if you have specific health issues, so we have included dietary recommendations under each of the ailnments.

therapeutic Massage

Healing Massage

This forms an essential part of our treatment program. Massage has always powerful type of therapy and as far back as Greek and Roman times they used not only for physical and emotional relaxation, but also to treat aches, pains and fatigue. Somehow, though it fell out of fashion in Europe and until recently as a method of relaxation or pampering. In the east however the massage continued to play an important therapeutic role, and in India, Japan, China, Thailand and throughout most of Asia it has been involving into a variety of different techniques, some using pressure points (as in acupressure), other stretching the muscles and tendons, while other still use trigger points located deep within the muscles, never endings and joints. Massage has many benefits:

It removes the lactic acid that forms “knots” within muscles

Lactic acid builds up during periods of intense activity, it produces when the body needs to bur lots of energy, for instance when you are sprinting and the demand for oxygen in the muscles outstrips supply and causes tightness, pain and fatigue. Massage can break down this lactic acid and reinvigorate the muscles.

Massage yoga

It helps to overcome fatigue

One of the main functions of blood circulation is that it supplies oxygen and nutrients to all the body tissues and removes toxins and by products from them. When the muscles become squeeze during a massage, the waste products in the stagnant again, the muscles and the blood vessels gradually dilate and bring more blood in, with fresh oxygen and nutrients. As a result the muscles function more efficiently. Because the muscles are responsible for producing most of the body’s energy more efficient muscles make for greater energy. Massage is particularly helpful therefore for treating energy sapping disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

It relieves aches and pains in the joints

The ligaments and tendons around joints have a poor blood supply so when they get injury they heal very slowly and often become inflammation. Massage brings in more blood and helps to remove various by products of the inflammatory process thereby assisting the healing process.

It alleviates spinal problems

Frozen Shoulder

Besides movement the main function of the muscles in the spine and legs is to maintain correct posture. If these muscles become weak or damage then many painful disorders such as backache and osteoarthritis can develop. Massage of the postural muscles in the spine, legs and feet helps to keep these muscles in peak condition.

It activates the innate healing abilities of the body

Much books available about the healing power of touch and there is no doubt in our minds that some kind of energy exits to the person receiving the massage from the person giving it. This boosts the body’s energy and thus the subjects own recuperative potential.

An all over deep tissue massage if received on a regular basis will help to invigorate your muscles and keep your body in good general condition. We have therefore included simple massage techniques in the article. But massage is specific therapeutic tool and you will find suggestions in this article on how to use massage to treat particular conditions.

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Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage works in several different ways. Firstly, you can treat an area of the body that directly affects and injure or suffers from debilitating aches and pains for example, if you sprain an ankle, massage the ligaments that injures shortly after the swelling goes down or the bruise appears. This helps to get the blood into the ligaments to provide nourishment for the inflammation to subside.

After a few sessions of therapeutic massage, the ligaments will have healed. You can strengthen them again with suitable exercises. You can also use therapeutic massage for an attack of tonsillitis. By massage the lymph nodes in the neck you encourage the lymph to drain away. Congestion the upper respiratory tract which subsequently helps to eliminate inflammation and reduce soreness.

Therapeutic massage Benefits

Secondly, you can stimulate the healing powers of the body indirectly.  With the massaging the neck and we can not over emphases the importance of this type of massage. Running inside the upper part of the spine are two bony canals (the vertebral canals). It protect a pair of arteries known as the vertebral arteries. Perhaps the most important arteries in the body after the coronary arteries in the heart. These two vertebral arteries supply blood to the inner subconscious part of the brain.

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Lying deep in the base of the brain. Mid brain cerebellum and the brain stem, the subconscious brain controls your balance and hormones. In fact everything that is essential for your healing and well being. Poor blood flow through the vertebral arteries is responsible for many of the health problems. It is essential therefore regularly to reduce any stiffness in the neck, relax the muscles decompress the upper spine.

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