Constipation and its home remedies treatment

Constipation is supposed to be the mother of all diseases. Constipation is very much irritating and can damage once health very badly. The food has not been digested and it nutrient values would not give benefits properly. Constipation occurs due to several reasons start from genetics to food, water and exercise. The use of alcohol promotes the constipation. There are a lot of home remedies for constipation. Healthy life needs proper digestion of food and its breakdown. Constipation means your food has not been digested properly and the waste product the stool become more hard and it becomes difficult for bowl movement. Using of medicines are also one of the big causes of constipation. According to the research every third human is facing this problem and the main reasons are lake of drinking water, low fiber diet, high protein diet, lack of exercises and workouts and abnormal stressful lifestyle.
Human body is a complex machinery and it is very much organized by the nature. So it needs cares in terms of food and exercise. In young age people does not care about their health and they get busy in their lives for getting successful and when achievement come in life the health become very low. At that time we realize that we should care our self but at this point it is impossible to go back in young life. So education tells us to care about our self in terms of our health. We must be health cautions in young age and we should tell our children about the importance of health.

Causes of Constipation

Lack of drinking water:- water plays an important role in our healthy life. Drinking adequate amount of water is very much essential for health. Drinking of lukewarm water gives benefits than cool water. The main cause of constipation is less amount of water in our body.
Less of doing exercise:- Workouts and exercises should be our part of life but unfortunately due to busy lifestyle we are not giving time to our physical activities. It promotes circular system and digestion system. It stimulate our stomach and intestines to digest our food properly. The activities of enzymes have been increased by the exercise. Exercise is very much beneficial for our overall health condition.
Poor Diet:- Poor diet means the diet or food is not balanced. Human needs balanced diet in order to be healthy. High starch, high protein and low fiber diet triggers towards the constipation. The consumption of high sugar foods like dairy items and sweets, the high protein diet like Meat, egg and fishes create problem of constipation. Low usage of vegetables and fruits also increase the risk of constipation.
Alcohol:- Excess of everything is bad. The use of alcohol like Whiskey and other liquids damages the digestion system. Chewing of tobacco and cigarette is also a big culprits for having constipation. All types of nicotine and alcohol causes the constipation because it disturbs the connection between the mind and body.
Medicines:- Sometimes the prolong usage of some medicines create the problem of constipation. Many drugs have negative effects if it is used for long period of time. The metabolic disorder medicines which use for many years little bit damages the efficiency of digestion.

Home remedies and the treatment of constipation

• Drink plenty of water and if possible then drink lukewarm water. Water gives relieve in constipation so 12 to 14 glasses of water is very much effective for the problem of constipation.
• Doing regular exercise may give you some relieve and it stimulate your digestion system. The exercise triggers your metabolic rate fast. 40 minutes workout daily is very much helpful. It also reduces the risk of other metabolic diseases like high blood sugar, cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity etc.
• Diet may play an important role in your healthy lifestyle. Always take a balanced diet. And if you feel the problem of constipation then take the high fiber diet. The food which contains more fiber are green vegetables, fruits and some high fiber cereals. Raw fruits and vegetable mixed salads are very much effective for constipation.
• Try to avoid the alcohol, nicotine and cigarettes if you face the problem of constipation. Reduction of alcohol may reduce the risk and it gives you relieve in food digestion.
• Try to add some herbal lucrative herbs like husks. Take medicines if you feel the problem is not being solved with these tips. Consult with your doctor and always try to avoid the practice of taking the over the counter medicines.

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