Dandruff causes and home remedies

Dandruff has many causes but its treatment is really different and difficult. Dandruff is happen because of fungus which kill the skin of scalp and dead skin comes out in the form of flakes. Dandruff is a disease and many people are suffering from this irritating problem. There are a lot of treatments and home remedies present by which one can get rid from this itching. Dandruff is the main cause of baldness especially in males. There is no any permanent solution or treatment for dandruff but we can prevent from it by doing some techniques like using of dandruff shampoo and other home remedies such as using of yogurt, oil, egg, lemon, vinegar etc. by applying these home remedies we can get rid from it.  If you are looking for dandruff treatment especially by home remedies then you are lucky one because we will give you some home remedies in this article so try to read this till the end so to avoid this itching and irritating problem.

There are a lot of causes for dandruff such as seasonal problem, because whenever season changes then dandruff occurs specially when winter comes after the hot weather. Those who are suffering from this disease always says that dandruff reaches its peak at the time of winter season. Secondly the dryness of intestine is also the big cause of dandruff, in order to avoid this cause one should drink a lot of water with lemon. Third cause of dandruff is abnormal hormone function, when hormone functions become abnormal then dandruff occurs so try to make sure that your hormonal balance should be under the specification. The deficiency of minerals and vitamins are also one of the biggest cause of dandruff. Some vitamins especially vitamin C and vitamin A are very good for skin, nail and hairs. Hereditary issue also play an important role. Using of chemicals for bath like soaps and shampoos also lead towards this problem. Basically it is very much difficult to diagnosis the actual cause of dandruff for individual so all these factors may be examine to reach the actual cause in order to make the decision for right treatment.


  1. Lemon:- Lemon is acidic and it clean your scalp and can kill the fungus. Just take one lemon and apply the raw juice of lemon into your scalp and leave it for 15 minutes and then rise it with lukewarm water. Do this practice 3 times a week and you will see the changes.
  2. Yogurt:- Yogurt is also acidic like a lemon juice and it has protein content so put one cup of yogurt and apply in your hairs root and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash your head with herbal shampoo.
  3. Apple cider Vinegar:- vinegar is supposed to be the super natural ingredient for the solution of dandruff because of its acidic properties. Use it like a lemon and yogurt. Take two table spoon of raw vinegar specially apple cider vinegar and apply into effected scalp and leave it for at least 20 minutes and then wash your hairs with herbal shampoo. Here we use shampoo because it has very strong smell which can not be gone with water.
  4. Oil, Yogurt and Lemon:- This homemade mixture is very much effective and very easy to make and the usage is also very easy. Take half cup of mustard oil and warm it then put one lemon juice in it then put half cup of yogurt in it then mix it properly. Apply the mixture into your head scalp and massage it for 15 minutes then leave it another 15 minutes then wash your head with warm water with any non chemical or herbal soap or shampoo. Use this mixture twice a week and do it regularly. The dandruff will go for forever if you follow this mixture twice a week.
  5. Coconut Oil:- coconut oil is very good for dandruff so when you go for sleep just apply it on your scalp and leave it over night and take a bath next morning. This practice is also very much effective.
  6. Shave your head:- once you feel that dandruff is not being cured with these all home remedies and shave your head and then apply coconut oil daily on your head.

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