How to build successful blog for Google adsense

How to make blog? How to become a successful blogger? How to build website for Google adsense or how to earn money online from wordpress blog. Blogging means to make a website or blog on specific topic and information or simple an encyclopedia which has multiple content in different topics. Blogging is very much interested and need some skills with hard work and consistency. About 10 years ago when people heard about blogging they thought this is very much easy way to earn some extra dollars online and some fortunate people earned a lot of money in Pakistan but they cheated Google because all the earnings were coming from Google Adsense. Then, Google realized about invalid clicks and fake traffic so suddenly they blocked and suspended many adsense accounts in Pakistan. At that time there were some actual bloggers were also present and they have been working according to the policy of Google adsense. Gradually bloggers realized that we should work on our site as per policies of Google. The system of crawling and algorithm system of Google adsense is very much effective and efficient so that nobody can cheat them for long time.

Blogging is not so much difficult because in 1900s the website development was introduced with the help of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Languages) Language, making website was very much difficult task. At that time webmasters could develop only static pages then FrontPage and Flash were brought change and it replaced HTML little bit. After introduction of JavaScript webpage development become more dynamic and flexible but it was also language which was obviously difficult. Eventually after the introduction of wordpress the art of design of website became easy and anyone who had just little bit knowledge about computer then they became successful blogger.

In this article, we will not discuss further on the development of website or its design but we will focus on how to become expert blogger for online earning by adsense account. If anyone wants to become expert then you are in right place and you are more than welcome so try to follow these steps correctly.


  1. Always choose a domain with dot com:- If you want to start your blog then select the name as a keyword and web extension must be in Dot Com (.com), many search engines including google crawl firstly on .com addresses.

For Example

  1. WordPress Theme:- Choose always correct wordpress theme according to your topic of blog and light theme will navigate fastly. This is also a great idea for SEO Search Engines.
  2. Include Some Site Links:- These pages will introduce your website, these pages links will show your sincerity and professionalism to search engines. All these pages should be included in homepage footer area. For Example

About Us | Private Policy | Copyright Policy | Disclaimer | Contact Us

  1. Unique Content:- Always write unique and comprehensive articles. Readers like unique, interested and comprehensive content and they will re visit your site again and again because of pure and true information. Avoid copyright content, copy and paste practice and follow the rules of plagiarism. Google and other search engines will kick out you if you put any duplicate content I again insist on this point because this is very much main component of blogging. Write more than 600 + words article and update your blog twice a day for better results in SEO.
  2. Increase Alexa Rank:- If you update blog twice a day with unique content then Alexa Rank will be increased gradually in just 3 months. The formula is so simple more you work on website the more your Alexa Rank will be Enhanced.

 Two unique Content + Twice a day = Increasing Alexa Rank

  1. Submit Sitemap:- Submit your sitemap to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Google automatically crawls your pages but after submitting of sitemap your site will be crawled again and again especially when you update or upload any new content.
  2. Increase Google PR:- Google PR means Page rank of your website. Google has given 1-10 ranks for every website. 1-5 page rank is supposed to be good but 6-10 is not sufficient for search engines. So you need to be increase your backlinks it means links of your pages on different websites and forums so try to increase backlinks as much as possible.
  3. Plugin:- Get connected with social network sites like Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram etc. but do not force your family and friends to visit your sites. Because this type of traffic is supposed to be fake traffic and this is not good for adsense account holders.
  4. Avoid Invalid Clicks:- Kindly avoid invalid clicks and fake traffic. If you will insist your friends and family for visiting your site and clicks on adsense ads then I am 100% sure your adsense account will be banned.

In nutshell you have to work on all these points. If you really want to be successful blogger then do not be hurry and take some time to build a genuine blog with high quality content. Initially one blog needs 300 articles with in 6 months the traffic will come automatically. It is not so hard but needs consistency and patience. After getting 500+ views apply for adsense account and enjoy your earnings.

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