How to reduce anxiety, depression, stress by Yoga and Meditation

Reduce anxiety, depression and stress by yoga and meditation. Yoga is not merely an exercise but it provides countless benefits start from mind to soul. Meditation is also a spiritual enhancement exercise and practice which gives you relaxation and relief in stressful condition. How to reduce depression by Yoga and Meditation. Yoga and meditation is an exercise which is being performed with some techniques of breathing. In simple words we can say exercise with proper breathing is called yoga and calmness or sitting in such a position and concentrate on your breath without any disturbance is called meditation.How to reduce anxiety, depression, stress by Yoga and Meditation.

How to reduce depression by Yoga and Meditation

Meditation for anxiety and depression

Meditation has been described in many ways according to the society nature and religion but all the teachers and gurus are purely agreed with one definition and this means meditation is a process in which your body, soul and mind connect with the cosmos. In other words meditation connects your inner spirit with outer energy of universe with one precondition that all the position and ways which you adopt for performing meditation must be in proper way.

poses of yoga

Yoga for Hypertension


Yoga may be famous in western world now a days but it is originated from the roots of Indus civilization. It has modify with gymnastic because most of people think that yoga means to flexible your body to the some extent in which one can bend his or her body but it is only a myth the truth is another thing and that is strength and flexibility with the help of breathing technique you can perform yoga. It is obvious that doing exercise can reduce your anxiety. The stress hormone cortisol has been reduced and controlled by the doing exercises but yoga exercise works very perfectly on these types of stress hormones. Exercise with breathing techniques really works on anxiety and stress. Millions of people are adopting yoga for reducing stress. There are a lot of yoga poses which specially work on blood pressure, hypertension, stress and anxiety.

How to reduce depression by Yoga and Meditation

Yoga Asanas Poses for reducing stress and anxiety

Leg up the wall

How to reduce depression by Yoga and Meditation

This is very easy pose and anyone can perform this. First lay down on the bed and lift your leg on 90 degree and then hold for a while, repeat this action and increase the timing of poses with the time. It will give you relaxation and blood circulation from your feet to whole body. It also works on your heart diseases.

Child pose

How to reduce depression by Yoga and Meditation

Child pose is very much effective pose and position in the world of yoga for reducing the stress. It is also easy to perform but it is difficult for those who has low level of flexibility. Sit down with bending your knee and bend your upper body with touching your forehead in a knee.

Seated forward bend

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As a name of this asana you should seated and bend your body forward. It is also easy but it needs some flexibility and strength. Keep on trying this asana pose will give you perfection by the span of time. It is very beginner poses for the reducing the level of cortisol hormone and stress.

Cat/cow pose


Cow pose and cat pose are two different poses but have similarity on doing performing and having the benefits. Both poses happens on same position according to the photo your are looking right now but there is a little difference between them. So try to perform this asana on daily basis to avoid stress and depression for ever.

Standing forward bend

How to reduce depression by Yoga and Meditation

Standing forward position is very much easy but need regular practice and one day you will be perfect. It does not require any technique but only want flexibility. The flexibility of your spinal cord. According to the some gurus of yoga the percentage of your spinal flexibility describes your health condition. In other words as much as your spinal cord is flexible your health condition is strong and you are healthy.

Corpse pose

How to reduce depression by Yoga and Meditation

Corpse pose or shivasana is a pose in which you lay down your whole body on floor with open your hands and shows like you are dead. This asana pose is the king pose for the reducing of stress, anxiety, hypertension and depression. This pose is very much easy pose and does not require any technique. Anyone can do this asan but the breathing is important.

Cat tail pose

Yoga and Meditation

Cat tail pose needs practice with regular interval for the perfection and doing right. This pose is quite difficult but really reduce high blood pressure. Cat tail pose always be performed with other poses which reduce anxiety.

Butterfly pose

How to reduce depression by Yoga and Meditation

This pose will reduce the stress level immediately. Many gurus recommend this asana during the exercises because exercises also increase the tension into your veins and muscle but butterfly instantly reduce the tension of your body and gives energy to perform other asanas very effectively.

Dragonfly pose

depression by Yoga and Meditation

This pose does not come from the china or bruce lee movies as it name but it is very much effective and workable position for the reducing the stress hormone.

Sleeping swan pose

sleeping swan pose

Sleeping swan pose means you sleep like a swan with bending your body in such a direction and it give accelerate your blood circulation which perfectly work on stress, anxiety and hypertension. Practice this asana on regular basis.

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These all poses performs under the supervision of master trainer because with actual breathing technique these asana will not work properly. You should not eat heavy meal for performing yoga.There are a lot of many other poses which directly work on anxiety, stress and depression.Practice these poses on regular basis to avoid wrong doing. Yoga is not only for weight loss but it works on different diseases.

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