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How to increase and improve your memory power. And IQ level is very much important in today’s world because Strong power of memory and IQ level gives you success in your daily life with out any embarrassment. IQ level and strong memory is the precondition of success in exam and daily life routine. How to increase and improve memory power and IQ level?

memory power

There are three ways to improve your memory are Exercise, food u eat and medication. A strong memory depends upon the prosperity and centrality of your internal structure of brain.

Memory power

Despite whether you’re an understudy perusing for last, most significant tests, a working capable enthused about doing all that you can to remain normally sharp, or a senior planning to shield and redesign your diminish issue as you age, there’s parts you can do to improve your memory and mental execution.

Memory power

They express that you can’t give new propensities when old ones are so profoundly imbued, anyway with respect to the cerebrum, specialists have discovered that this commonplace proverb simply isn’t substantial.

The human cerebrum has an astonishing ability to alter and change—even into development. This limit is known as neuroplasticity. With the right actuation, your cerebrum can shape new neural pathways, alter existing affiliations, and modify and react in normally developing ways.

Memorize fast techniques and tips

Memory power

The quality of intelligent student is strong level of IQ and Memory. Students have to understand many things in one time and store in their mind for upcoming exams.

Only understanding the topics and subjects are not enough but they have to memorize things for future a long time and prove in exam that they have remember what they had taught. Many student complain that they understand all subjects but could not memorize things for long period of time.

So as to manufacture your mind to ever more elevated levels, your sensory system needs an exercise.

Fortunately, the neuro stimulation from contemplation offers your entire sensory system a unimaginably ripe air, activating excessively positive changes all through your body, particularly your cerebrum.

Memory power

Very Important

In time, your entire sensory system rearranges and enhances itself on logically higher levels, establishing another framework of neural pathways, opening up access between your left and right cerebrum sides of the equator more than ever.

This “full cerebrum access” or “entire mind synchronization,” as it’s known among mainstream researchers, can possibly change your life from various perspectives, including boosting your intellectual prowess, IQ, memory, and insight.

In order to increase the power of your memory and IO level you have to follow these simple tricks so that it can be assure that students will pass the exams quite easily and smoothly. Here are some tips:

Diet for strong memory

Similarly as the body wants balance diet and the brain also needs special food. You presumably definitely realize that an eating routine dependent on organic products, vegetables, entire grains, “solid” fats, (for example, olive oil, nuts, fish) and lean protein will give heaps of medical advantages.

However such an eating routine can nourish memory. For mind well being, however, it’s not exactly what you eat—it’s additionally what you don’t eat. The accompanying nourishing tips will help support your intellectual prowess and lessen your danger of dementia

Memory power

Foods for Memory

  • Consume omega-3. Omega 3 is very much important nutrition element for the perfect growth of brain and memory. Fatty fish are the good source of omega 3 fatty acids and protein which increase your IQ level. If fish does not suits you then you can get omega 3 from such nuts like walnuts, seaweed, flax seed etc. such vegetables are also rich in omega 3 like spinach, pumpkin seeds and broccoli etc.
  • Cut huge amount of calories and saturated fat. High caloric diet makes you lazy and fat will remain in your body which increase body weight and reduces the concentration so it is not good for your entire health specially for your brain and memory power.
  • Rely on fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals. Our brain do not need high amount of protein or energy to work properly but it needs some amount of special vitamins and minerals which are perfect for the growth and performance of has high amount of antioxidants, elements that protect your body by all means.
  • Green tea. Green tea make mood and it has anti aging property which is good for whole body and the performance. It has antioxidant and increase memory and improve the quality of IQ level. So take at least two cups of green tea per day to get better results.
  • Wine in moderation. High amount of alcohol really harmful for brain and alertness but when things in control and if wine is consume in moderate about then it gives you best result regarding your brain memory and IQ level performance. Student should avoid to drink it because they will not take it in moderation.
  • How to memorize things

Exercise Tips for increasing of memory

Aerobic and non aerobic exercise is very good for our health. It will boost the energy and reduce the level of stress. The blood circulation of our body will also increase by doing exercise.

Main factor which turn the focus of mind is the stress so exercise will reduce the level of stress and gives you space for better concentration and increase the power of memory. Take 1 hour from your daily routine for exercise in order to coupe with this problem. Meditation along with exercise will add more sugar to milk. Walking, Jumping Jack, Yoga and muscle strengthening are very beneficial.

Memory power

Sleeping 8 hours

Sleeping 8 hours is enough for a adult to cover the damage cells and improve the health condition. Try to avoid use mobile or television before going to sleep because it distract your brain for 1 hour. Sleep on time means same time for sleep and same time for wake up.

Study shows that lack of sleep is very much harmful for you entire health specially health of brain and damage the cells related to the power of IQ and memory.

  • Make a time for friends
  • Laugh more and more
  • Avoid Stress
  • Go for journey at least twice a year
  • Medication if required then consult with your physician.

Last words

In this world of competition human needs strong mind and memory power. We all need this to spend a successful life but we should keep in mind that our brain health is totally relate to our total well being and health condition. Healthy brain creates healthy body.

Three factors are involved in the development of brain the exercise balance diet and medication if required. Doing yoga is supposed to be best practice for the improvement of Memory power and increasing IQ level at top.

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