Mobile Phone Smartphone future. Future of mobile phone smartphone seems doubtful. Technology always play different games. Science is unpredictable and it is very much hard to say that what will be happen in next three years. Every new inventions have been replaced by another invention of science. The recent examples are Radio is replaced by T.V, T.V is replaced by Computer and computer is replaced by Tablets and smartphones so nothing will remain permanent. Mobile phone or smart phone will be replaced by some another invention in coming time.

   Mobile Phone Smartphone future

Evolution of Mobile phone

Mobile phone also has converted itself from simple waki talki phone to smartphone supported by android and apple software in very little piece of time around 2 decades. Mobile technology is the latest scientific invention. Motorola invented very first mobile phone in 1973, but from early 1900s mobile users gradually increased. Mobile becomes smartphone when many other features were included or assembled in mobile like camera, audio video players etc. but when internet and mobile phone connected the whole world then firstly global village word was introduced. Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram etc these all social networks became the family members of smartphone and now almost 3 billions users of mobile phone is recorded. It created revolution in the field of telecommunication.

Mobile Phone Smartphone future

Global communication became so easy and cheap. People those are using smartphone can not imagine life for 1 day without mobile and that is the huge success of this technology. People has become mobile addict. Mobile phone still needs some changes and modifications as users want it in terms of hardware and software. The expected changing in smartphone are:

Wireless mobile charging

New mobile should be that which charging may be wireless. Wireless mobile charging mobile will be very attractive feature of new coming mobiles. The manufacturer companies of mobile those are suffering from low sell and can not doing enough business they should think on it, because it is a feature of mobile the users want to purchase and use it.

Long time battery Life

This is another a little bit problem amongst the users of smartphone. The battery timing is very low in smartphones because of video playing, high quality of sounds and colourful displays. If any company wants to boost their sell of mobiles and will work on it then it is dam sure that long life battery system smartphone will surely rule on market with high demand. Low battery time really irritates the users and in future smartphones the battery time will go from hours to days.

Latest Apple Updates

Mobile Phone Smartphone future

Durability of screen and Phone

Smartphones are really very much fragile item and it is supposed to be fancy item too. The more expenses smartphones are more fragile too and prone to damage. Screens are also very sensitive. So the new challenge for the mobile manufacturer is to make top durable smartphone in future.

Flexible smartphone

smartphone should be flexible and users can put it in his/her pocket by wrapping it like a piece of paper or money. Yes it seems funny and impossible but it will happen in next 50 years.

Infra-Bluetooth ranges

Infra and bluetooth ranges should be increased from feets to kilometers or even miles. This feature will bring revolution in the world of telecommunication. It is hard to achieve such a goal but it is sure that it will happen in future also.

Mobile Phone Smartphone future

Mobile Phone Smartphone future

Future smartphones will bring change and here in this article we see the future of mobile. This article is really interesting for the readers and users of mobile phone but also challenging for the manufacturer of mobiles all over the world. Right now it seems childish and foolish article or science fiction movie story but it is sure that at least 70% of this idea will come true in coming 20 years.

Mobile Phone Smartphone future

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