Moringa Tree – The Doctor

Moringa tree health benefits have been discussed from centuries. Moringa leaves, moringa fruits, moringa stems, moringa roots each and every part of moringa tree is very much nutritious. It is full of Nutrients like Vitamins A B12, B complex and C, Micro and Macro Minerals etc. It is supposed to be doctor tree. It is found in all over the world but South Asia is said to be its Homeland.

moringa tree
Health benefits of moringa tree and moringa tea

There are a lot of health benefits including, it is rich in antioxidant, it lowers blood sugar level, may reduce inflammation, It has anti aging properties, It fights against the causes of cancer. Moringa is very good for weight lose. Mothers who give feed to their child can use moringa for better growth of milk and its nutrient content.

Now the question is that how we can use this magical tree. There are many ways traditionally we can use it. We can make moringa tea from its dried leaves. We may also make vegetable dishes with its fruits. We can mix its stems in milk for better result. People who wants to take full advantages from this magical tree should use moringa tea. it prevents from many diseases. There is no any side effect has been recorded yet on human beings.

Moringa means super food. Moringa is also mentioned in Holy book of Hinduism the Vedas. There are many other benefits of this holly tree which modern science still not discovered. The old civilized human also used it for the treatment and cure of many diseases. Here in this article I will tell you that how we can ripe the health benefits of moringa. The simple way is to make a tea of moringa leaves. Tea may be made by drying the leaves of adult moringa tree. Firstly dry it in room temperature but keep in mind that if you expose it before the sunlight then its nutrients will be evaporated so dry it indoor for 4 to 5 days after washing it. When leaves become dry then it is up to you that how you will use it. You may grid it or just put in a plastic air tight jar. Boil the water and put water into cup then put 5 to 6 leaves in the cup then take it. Twice a day is recommended for better result.

In short try to adopt the different herbs in your daily diets and avoid as long as possible the chemicals or medicines for prevention of disease or cure. The health benefits of moringa will be shown after using of this tea at least after two months. If you think this article is useful so kindly share it with your family and friends as they could also reap the benefits.

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