Sex Education

Sex education is an important as other education but in many countries sex education is prohibited and act like a taboo. Sex education means to understand the issues related to sex like sexual behavior, emotional attitude towards opposite gender, sexual anatomy and physiology, reproduction and reproductive organs, activities related to sex and intercourse, types of sex, natural and un natural sex, Sexual transmitted diseases STD, birth control, safe and unhygienic sex, puberty and right age of having sex, sexual abuse and many other activities related to sexuality. Sex education is being introduced in many societies in order to avoid sex abuses and introduce all the parameters of sex to youngster. Modern psychological father Sigmund Freud gave the theory of sex for very young age of children. Sigmund Freud is supposed to be the modern father of sexuality and its studies.

Sex education should be introduced in very early stages in schools, colleges and universities. Many societies of world supposed sex education as a taboo. Sex education does not mean to make the society as sex free area and people start to do sex without any restriction. Initially the impact of sex education went wrong and people started free sex practices without any rule which leaded societies towards the sex abuses. The sex education means to show both sides of coin to the students. Proper sex education will change the way of thinking of child and youngsters about the sex. Our society has many problems and most of them are related to sex because people do not know the actual and exact meaning of sex. They only think and use it like animals. Here we will elaborate some issues about the sex.

Sexual Behavior:- Sexual behavior means the hormonal changes occur and this changing will alter the behavior of an individual as they reach at their puberty age. If sex education is given then this education will create positivity on sexual behavior throughout the society. Sexual behavior means your behavior and actions related to sex. It is a psychological problem which can be treated and cured with the help of education.

Emotional Attitude:- This also need education to the youngsters to resolve this issue also. Emotional attitude is related to human psychology and positive thinking which comes from the proper education. The sex abuse and other negative sexual activities come from the negative thoughts of mind. Positive sex education will also eradicate this problem from the entire society.

Sex Anatomy:- The diseases related to the sex will be cured, prevented and treated by sex education because sex anatomy will give you the information the structure and other functions of sex organs of male and female very briefly. The education of sex anatomy will give the idea of organs and its positive usage.

Reproduction:- Reproduction means the production of human or any living thing. Sex education will also give you some ideas about the process of reproduction and problems related with this. Reproduction does not mean to just produce but it also has some knowledge and the sex education will give you complete knowledge about this.

Birth Control:- Sex education teaches the right way of birth control sex education will teach both male and female about the techniques of birth control if they want to control it properly. In modern world the high rising of population is a big challenge and the birth control techniques are being discussed everywhere so the real sex education is required for this problem and it will be helpful and contribute it own part in this population problem.

STD:- Sexual Transmitted Diseases have killed many human now a days that includes HIV aids and Hepatitis. These diseases have been transmitted through unsafe sex so the sex education is also needed to cover these issues.

Safe Sex, Unhygienic sex, Sex abuses and many other issues are needed to be educated. In this article we tried to convince all our readers about the importance of sex education. Sex is the important part of our life. In nutshell the sex education is very much important and it must be included in our schools, colleges and universities books.

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