Shilpa Shetty husband Raj Kundra and son vian Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty husband Raj Kundra and son vian Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty husband Raj Kundra and son vian Raj Kundra

Name: Raj KundraAge: 44

Born: 9 September 1975

Spouse: Shilpa shetty

Occupation: Businessman

Children:  Deleena Kundra, Viaan Raj Kundra

Books:  How Not To Make Money: A Novel

Parents:  Usha Rani Kundra, Bal Krishan Kundra

Shilpa Shetty kundra got hitched to British businessperson Tycoon Raj Kundra. Shilpa shetty kundra and Raj Kundra has one adorable child Viaan. Raj Kundra’s total assets is about $400 Million. He is a fruitful businessperson. Shilpa shetty met with raj kundra in London and after numerous gatherings and social affair they chose to get wed on 22 November 2009. After marriage shilpa shetty totally left the film business and now a days she is dynamic in TV.

Raj Kundra

Agent Raj Kundra and his enormous name life partner Shilpa Shetty Kundra built up Viaan Industries Ltd in Mumbai, India. The association is accessible in different promising parts, like Entertainment, Gaming, Technology, Cyber Security, AI, AI, Licensing and Animation. The BSE Listed association hopes to drive a lifestyle change in masses through its advancement commitments. It’s a phenomenal open entryway for the accomplices, traders and customers to be a bit of the Indian improvement story.

Raj Kundra is connected with Groupco Developers, a land firm that works in eight Indian urban networks, Ashwini Steel, which makes smooth steel from scrap, TMT Global, which proclaims to predict stock costs, Essential Sports and Media which is into creation and movement isolated from games, and Iconic Investments, which claims to be a private store trading worth markets. Various undertakings consolidate Gold Gate Trading, which delineates itself as a trade and hypothesis firm arranged in Dubai.Viaan Industries in like manner Invested in Avalance Technology computerized security firm.

Raj kundra separate kavita and he has a babay young lady Daleena from ex kavita. Raj kundra is from a punjabi family and his dad was truck conductor in london. He doesn’t smoke however drinks ocassionally.

Kundra was brought up in London.He left school at 18 years old and in 2004 was arranged by SUCCESS magazine as the 198th most over the top British Asian. Starting at 2009, Kundra was Chief Executive Officer of Essential General Trading LLC, which was delineated in an official clarification as being “a Dubai-based comprehensive exchanging affiliation directing in productive metals, improvement, mining and green sensible power source undertakings”. He was moreover around then associated with the financing and time of Bollywood motion pictures.

Kavish is associated with Groupco Developers, a land firm that works in eight Indian urban domains, Ashwini Steel, which makes fragile steel from scrap, TMT Global, which broadcasts to imagine stock costs, Essential Sports and Media which is into creation and task separated from beguilements, and Iconic Investments, which implies private store exchanging regard markets. Different endeavors solidify Gold Gate Trading, which portrays itself as an exchange and hypothesis firm masterminded in Dubai.

In 2015, Kavish was among the backers of on the web and transmission organize Best Deal TV, an Indian TV home shopping channel benefitting by colossal name supports. His co-support was Bollywood performing expert Akshay Kumar. Raj Kundra and his affiliation has conned the merchants of the relationship by not paying them the obligation.

Vian Raj Kundra

vian raj kundra

Name: Vian Raj Kundra

Age: 8 Years

Born: 21 May 2012

Parents: Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra

Vian Raj Kundra is a six years of age child of big name Shilpa Shetty and Business head honcho Raj Kundra his birthday is 21 may 2012. The performing craftsman moreover incorporates that Viaan has various request with respect to her being an on-screen character and he as often as possible approaches her for what legitimate explanation different children at his school call her by her name—Shilpa Shetty. “At whatever point he sees me on the TV, he understands that I am praised. His associates call me Shilpa Shetty and he consistently gets curious and asks, ‘for what reason do they call you Shilpa Shetty?’. It’s superb to connect with children. They come up the most interesting request,” laughs the entertainer.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is a drifting mother and tenderly examines her five-year-old youngster Viaan. Having a praised performing craftsman as your mother can be overwhelming for any adolescent, and the 42-year-old says that her youngster is till trying to overlay his head over this. “As a child, Viaan has no sentiment of why people are coming to take pictures of me. Notwithstanding all that he doesn’t have a clue about being conspicuous and prominent. I can see that he has now bit by bit started to get his head around it. By and by he looks like, ‘mother you are notable’,” says Shilpa.

Vian Raj kundra is fortunate kid in light of the fact that there are numerous organizations on his name and as of late they have propelled versatile for the sake of Vian kundra.

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