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History of tradition therapeutic yoga. Although yoga is relatively new to the west. It has a long and venerable tradition in the east. It is thought to date back to at least 3000 bc. And has been practiced in India to promote physical and spiritual health for millennia. The first text on classical yoga, known as the Yoga Sutras, was written by a legendary yogi called Patanjali around 200 BC.

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History of tradition therapeutic yoga

Patanjali’s path towards self-knowledge is known as ashtanga or eight-limbed yoga. It consists of eight steps to enlightenment. These steps help to discipline the body, mind, breath, emotions and spirit. Increasingly, we are realizing that health no longer ‘happen’ at the physical level alone. For example, emotions can trigger the release of certain chemicals in the brain that may affect the body’s long term health. This is way yoga is so good for you. It promotes well being at every level.

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Yoga Tradition

Yoga was popular in the west during the 1960s by a number of groups. History of tradition therapeutic yoga spiritual leaders and philosophers. Who promoted all things Indian. Their approach to life appealed hugely to many rock stars and celebrities. As it contrasted starkly with the materialistic approach that predominated in the west at the time. The search for alternative ways of life and follow the trail to true bliss. But with so many new experiences to explore including free love, drugs and psychedelia. Some of the finer aspects of eastern culture, such as yoga, meditation and spirituality, were largely over look.

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For a while, yoga and meditation remained a mystery to the West. Rather than become mainstream activities, they taught by gurus who advocates strict discipline and a complete change in lifestyle. Many teachers promotes vegetarianism, which was quite redical a few decades ago. Most people, however, could not see the point in twisting the body into strange configurations often named after an animal or object.

And they were wary of levitation and other advanced stages of meditative practice. (In fact, there is nothing very mystical about levitation. The anti-gravitational force created by the spinal muscles stretching upwards makes it easy for someone who has mastered the art to spring up from a sitting position.)

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Yoga Gurus

Some gurus used yoga simply as a tool to show off their skills and compete with each other. Yet in doing so, they went against the very principles of yoga. Humility, tolerance, restraint, calm and detachment and concentrated instead on the the physical ans aesthetic. The west thus interpreted yoga as a series of exercises and thought of it in much the same way as other forms of physical activities and gymnastics. What is more, many people worried it would take years to master the many complicated positions. But the fact is that yoga is a suitable form of exercise and relaxation for everyone, of all ages and abilities. Beginners are expecting to perform the full postures straight away from versions are still very beneficial, and often essential if the practitioner is experiencing health problems.

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How to reduce anxiety, depression, stress by Yoga and Meditation

Yogic Age and Era

Over the last decade also yogic exercise has become increasingly popular. Thanks to the efforts of some celebrities, together with the modern preoccupation with fitness and stress management, yoga has become a household name and it is now an established form of physical exercise. Yet, in its original form, yoga is so much more than just a system of exercise.

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Traditionally, ther are many different aspects of yoga, including Karma yoga (the yoga of action, selfless service and charity). Raja yoga (The science of physical and mental control), Bhakhti yoga (The yoga of love and devotion through prayer and worship) and janana yoga (The yoga of knowledge and wisdom). Hatha, or Therapeutic, yoga is the part of raja yoga. Other times include Yantra (visual) yoga,kundalini yoga(which stimulates the subconscious or the autonomic nervous system) and Tantric yoga (In which the body uses to master the Psychic Processes).

What actually It is?

For those in the know, yoga is not simply a series of poses but hole way of life, encompassing diet,massage,relaxation and meditation.As well as begin a great way to stay in shape, it also promotes the body’s natural healing powers, and uses by anyone to treat a wide range of health problems, both physical and emotional.

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Yoga is one of these customs. It’s beginnings of establishing in the diets of the Indus Valley, underneath the Himalayan Mountains, what is Northern India and Pakistan today. It’s conventions so old. Through internationalism, the seeds of yoga have dispersed, blown in the breeze and spread to the individuals who look for light. Yoga currently addresses the lives of individuals everywhere throughout the world.

Stress management by yoga and meditation

Evolution of Yoga

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With the development of yoga the fundamental pith of yoga does not change yet as it spreads and receives to western world so they have made and included numerous assortments in yoga. The instructor of yoga is a master. Master implies the coach who instructs yoga to their understudy. The greater part of incredibly famous master has a place with Indian however bit by bit America, Canada, Europe and a few locales of Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, China and so forth have been making world most eminent masters.

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Yoga and contemplation is everywhere throughout the world. Therapeutic science has understanding that numerous sicknesses may restore and counteract with doing yoga and reflection. Because of occupied and mechanical way of life the metabolic illnesses have expand and a large portion of passing. It happen because of metabolic issue like Obesity, Lipids, Cholesterol, glucose level, pulse and so forth. Another guilty party for these infections refine nourishment. Yoga master demands natural sustenance. They accentuation on light dinner. Our reality changes and a large portion of present day and create nations are receiving yoga and reflection.

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