Yoga means to connect. There are enormous health benefits of yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation has a lot of physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Yoga is being performed all over the world. Al thought yoga is the tradition of HINDH and SINDH (newly Pakistan and India). Ancient people used to perform yoga for various reasons. They thought that is only remedy for human being to live healthy and prosperous life. Yoga plays a vital role in our daily life because it tells us that how to balance our body and soul. In fact it is an art of living life. It creates third eye. People who performs yoga and meditation has different perception of life, they see and feel the entire world but different dimensions.

With the evolution of yoga the main essence of yoga has not been changed but as it has been spread and adopted by western world so they have created and added many varieties in yoga. The teacher of yoga is called guru. Guru means the trainer who teaches yoga to their student. Most of world renowned guru belongs with indian but gradually America, Canada, Europe and some regions of Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, China etc have been creating world most renowned gurus.

Yoga is consists of Asanas, asanas means poses. Some guru says there are 84 crore yoga asanas are in yoga and some says 84 lacs and 84 thousands. The asana means the poses of human which gives some rest and benefits to body is said to be asanas. Yoga and asanas tells us the complete discipline of life. If body shape goes beyond the required weight then yoga makes it perfect by doing such exercises.

Meditation also plays its role parallel to asanas, because asanas and poses make you slim, perfect weight and flexible where as meditation connects your body with your soul and spirit.  It gives you peace of mind. Meditation enables you to control your mind even in hard situation.

Yoga and meditation is being taught all over the world because medical science has realized that many diseases may be cured and prevented by doing yoga and meditation. Due to busy and robotic life style the metabolic diseases have been increased and most of deaths occur due to metabolic disorder like Obesity, Lipids, Cholesterol, blood sugar level, blood pressure etc. Another culprit for these diseases is refined food. Yoga guru insists on organic food and they emphases on light meal. Our world is being changed and most of modern and developed countries are adopting yoga and meditation.

Yoga and meditation has some rules, if you want to start yoga then there are steps. Below we will tell you about these steps in very easy way.

  1. Weight loss by yoga asanas and exercise
  2. Flexibility by yoga asanas and exercise
  3. Breathing techniques by meditation
  4. Meditation for peace of mind.

Yoga and meditation’s main rule is consistency and punctuality. Once you start performing yoga and meditation then we assure you that you will stick with this awesome activities for rest of your life.

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